Bullet 2.76 out, new binary .bullet file format with Maya and Blender authoring tool support


The new Bullet 2.76 SDK includes several new features and improvements. The new btInternalEdgeUtility avoid collisions against internal edges for smooth sliding along a triangle mesh. The cross-platform cmake build system support is improved and preparations are made towards upcoming OpenCL GPU acceleration for Bullet 3.x.

The new binary file format improves current and future tools support for Bullet.

The extensible .bullet file serialization is cross-compatible between 32/64bit, little and big endian, single and double precision and different Bullet SDK versions.  This means you can export a .bullet file in Maya 64bit on a little endian Intel machine and import it on a 32bit big endian PlayStation 3.

For download of Bullet,  the new Maya Dynamica plugin and further information see http://bulletphysics.org/Bullet/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4779

Zero Gear and Cocoto games are using Bullet Physics


January 12th marks the official release date of the PC kart game Zero Gear by NimbleBit! For the low price of only $19.99 you can beat up your friends in 18 different levels, in customizable karts and characters. Play with physically based weapons, earn achievements and compete in many different game modes.

It uses Bullet for its physics and Ogre 3D for graphics rendering.

Check it out and buy it online on either Steam or http://myzerogear.com


Go fishing for gifts!

Play either one of the 4 characters of Cocoto’s world and go fishing for treasures in one of the 4 magical environments of this famous series: Abyss, Atlantis, Jungle and Heaven. Watch out, each world will have its own challenges and gifts!

See also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAQ52fXxXdQ or the announcement on the Bullet forums.

2012 uses Bullet

Digital Domain and Sony Pictures used Bullet Physics Simulation for a lot of the rigid body special effects in the movie 2012. DigitalContentProcucer.com and CG Society have more details about the special FX in this movie, or you can check out the upcoming Issue 120 of Cinefex. Apart from the Maya Bullet Dynamica plugin, Cinema 4D 11.5 Bullet integration into MoDynamics and Blender 3D Bullet integration there is now a new open source Houdini plugin for Bullet rigid body simulation available. Special thanks to Nafees Bin Zafar!

[youtube tvI6VUgcRQ4]

Trials HD (XBox 360) uses Bullet

trials_hd“We are also using a modified version of an open source physics engine called Bullet Physics Library to calculate our physics simulation and collision inside the game. We have in-house optimized it for the Xbox 360 CPU and vector units. Our game engine is designed to be fully multithreaded, and we are simulating physics at the same time we are processing game logic, graphics, sound and particles in other Xbox 360 hardware threads. With extensive optimization, we have achieved a very good balance, with all six CPU hardware threads constantly working under heavy load.”


Bullet ranked third physics library at 10% in Game Developers Magazine survey


0908gd_cover_250x339The August 2009 issue of Game Developers Magazine features an article about game middleware, written by Mark Deloura. They surveyed over 100 senior developers of various development houses, mainly working on PC, PlayStation 3 or XBox 360.

According to the article, developers like having access to the full source code. When purchasing a Havok or PhysX license, some of the core algorithmic implementations, such as the core constraint solver or collision detection internals are not exposed. PhysX is rated number 1 at 26.8%, Havok comes 2nd at 22.7%, Bullet third at 10.3% and Open Dynamics Engine fourth at 4.1%.

You can purchase an electronic version of this issue for $3.95 here.

GDC 2009 Physics Tutorial on CUDA, SPU, OpenCL and Larrabee optimizations


We have been working for a while on parallel physics optimizations for various platforms. As part of the Math and Physics Tutorial on Tuesday March 24th, Takahiro Harada and Erwin Coumans will do a joint presentation that discusses our experiences how to optimize a rigid body physics pipeline for CUDA, SPU, Larrabee and OpenCL.

Bullet 2.74 released: constraint limit debug visualization

Bullet 2.74 physics sdk has been released and can be downloaded from the Google Code website.


Constraint debug visualization has been added to make it easier to setup constraint limits. Other improvements include SIMD constraint solving, buoyancy demos, single-shot multiple contact point generation, improved documentation etc.