Cinema 4D 12 Dynamics using Bullet adds constraints, springs, soft body and .bullet export

From the Maxon website, the latest Cinema 4D release 12 adds improved Bullet Dynamics support:

“Drop everything and let the laws of physics take over with the new rigid body dynamics in CINEMA 4D Studio. Based on the production-proven Bullet engine, the dynamic simulations are rock-solid stable and simple to use. Simulations can include thousands of objects and millions of polygons. Just add a tag to any object and let the forces of nature take over. Collisions can be detected for any shape – even concave surfaces. Hierarchies can be treated as a single object or individual dynamic bodies.

With just a click of the mouse, your hard bodies transform into soft and springy structures. Soft body simulations in CINEMA 4D Studio are simple to setup and offer amazing flexibility. You can easily adjust how soft and springy each object should behave, using vertex maps for point-level control.”

Download a demo version that supports all those features including .bullet export here:
Watch some cool video tutorials here: