Bullet 2.71 released: Disney Maya Plugin, CUDA experiments

Download here

Apart from numerous bug fixes, this is new:

  • Walt Disney Studios contributes their in-house Dynamica Maya Plugin for Bullet physics simulation.
  • Check out the Dynama Maya Plugin instruction videos.
  • This Dynamica Plugin is used in Disney’s upcoming 3D animated movie Bolt, for example in the peanuts shot below.
    Thanks to Nicola Candussi and Arthur Shek from Disney for this contribution!
  • Several bug fixes and contributions related to inertia tensor, memory leaks etc.
    Thanks to Ole K and several other contributors.
  • Added btCudaBroadphase in Extras/CUDA: some preliminary research into accelerating Bullet using CUDA.
    Thanks to the particle demo from the NVidia CUDA SDK.
  • Updated CDTestFramework, with latest version of OPCODE Array SAP. See Extras/CDTestFramework
    Thanks to Pierre Terdiman for the update
  • ForkLiftDemo has been finished, finally!
  • Improved performance for btDbvtBroadphase.
    Thanks to Nathanael Presson again, for all his work.