Bullet @ SIGGRAPH 2008

We are visiting SIGGRAPH again next week.

Some of the Bullet/physics related activities:

  • There will be a Bullet presentation at the Sony booth #521 (exhibition hall) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 14.15-14.45.
  • We will do a short COLLADA Physics presentation at the COLLADA BOF, Thursday, 14 August | 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm | LACC – Room 511A.
  • And present about Bullet integration in Blender at the Blender BOF, Monday August 11, ~3-4 PM, Convention Center room 501A
  • Some physics enthousiasts will gather on Wednesday after the Jiggly Fluids session (at the exit door), around 6.30PM.

Hope to meet you there,