Bounce, Tumble and Splash book is out

Tony Mullen reported that his new book Bounce, Tumble and Splash! Simulating the Physical World with Blender (Sybex) is out:

“The book covers all of Blender’s simulation functionality in depth including fluid, soft body, cloth, rigid body, particles, hair and much more. This is the first time much of this functionality has been documented in print, so I really hope that the book will help to give these powerful features a much wider audience.

I took a bunch of snapshots to give people an idea of how the books look inside and out, and you can check those out here:

There’s also a teaser on YouTube I put up some time ago. By all means take a look to get an even better idea of what this book covers:

The book’s in stock at Amazon:

I hope you enjoy the book!


Bounce tumble splash cover