Bullet 2.69 Physics SDK released: split impulse, tear & pick Cloth and Soft Bodies

[youtube exss517n1I0]

+ Added split impulse support, penetration recovery won’t add momentum
+ cloth/soft body improvements: picking (pick and drag), tearing (click and release without mouse move), preliminary support for btSoftBody versus compound and concave trimesh
+ Added new btDbvtBroadphase, based on dynamic AABB tree. It has the capability to do view frustum culling and front-to-back traversal. See Extras\CDTestFramework for view frustum culling sample.
+ Enabled new btGjkEpa2 penetration depth solver, thanks to Nathanael
+ Provide access to all persistent manifolds for a given btBroadphasePair, see CharacterDemo for sample usage
+ Added linear and angular motor for btSliderConstraint
+ Add penetration depth test for convexSweepTest
+ removed several warnings for Windows build, thanks to Martijn Reuvers
+ Added Mac Cocoa Xcode project, thanks to TomorrowPlus
+ use collision margin of btBvhTriangleMeshShape for convexTest, Thanks to reltham for the contribution.
+ added custom memory allocator registration, thanks to Sly.

Download Bullet 2.69 from the Bullet repository at Google Code.