IEEE VR 2009 Tutorial on Interactive Physics Simulation


This tutorial presents the different components required in real-time physical-based simulations. It covers a broad scope of topics while discussing a few recent developments, allowing attendees to see and understand what is currently possible to integrate physics within a virtual environment. We focus on practical methods, as implemented in publicly available toolkits. It is mainly intended as an introduction for anyone interested in integrating physical behaviors in virtual environments, but the recently published interactive simulation technics that are presented might also be of interest to more experienced participants.

  • Jeremie Allard – Research Scientist at Alcove, INRIA Lille
  • Francois Faure – Assistant Professor at Evasion, Grenoble Universities.
  • Erwin Coumans – Simulation team lead at Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Kenny Erleben – Assistant Professor at DIKU, University of Copenhagen
  • Richard Tonge – Senior Software Engineer at NVIDIA

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