Read URDF from string?

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Read URDF from string?

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Hi there

I'm completely now to Bullet and I'm playing around with a toy project where an algorithm should design the best possible car to complete a randomly generated course. For this purpose, I need to generate a (large) number of random cars within some constraints. I've built a prototype car in URDF, which drives and works as intended:

Now I want my program to change some of the parameters for the car (e.g. wheel sizes and placements). I can't find an API for changing joint origins directly (but let me know if one exists), so alternatively I can use a template URDF-file and replace coordinates in that.

It is not very efficient, however, if I have to save the generated URDF to disk every time I run a new car. Is there a way to read URDF directly from a string?

Or am I doing things in a silly way?

Thanks in advance!
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