Max number of elements?

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Max number of elements?

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I have elements with 150 vertices each. How many of these can I add in a Bullet simulation?
Assuming Memory is not an issue.
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Re: Max number of elements?

Post by drleviathan »

There is not enough information to answer your question. You will just have to try it to find out. Here are some questions about things that would affect the answer:

Are all the elements dynamic? Or are some of them static or kinematic?

Are all of the elements rigid bodies? Or will you be needing soft bodies?

Assuming your elements are concave: what Shape would you use for them? btCompoundShape or some btGimpactShape?

If you use btCompoundShape how accurate of a convex decomposition do you need?

Do all elements use one identical shape? Or is each distinct?

Are all the elements approximately the same size/mass? Or are some much smaller/less-massive than others?

Are your dynamic elements moving quickly? Or are they slow? (e.g. relative to their dimensions)

Do you require real-time interactive simulation or will you be running the simulation overnight?

What is the architecture and speed of your CPU?

All that said... if your shapes/sizes/speeds are not unreasonable and you have a modern computer... I would expect you to be able to run a few hundred dynamic concave objects in real-time.
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