URDF Model Parameterss and steering

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URDF Model Parameterss and steering

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I am new to this forum. I came here to ask few questions, I could not find any answers to my problems yet.
I got few questions I would like to get answers, to think about possible solutions and what to do next.
Feel free to answer any question. I do not require all answers at once :)

So far I have followed some simple tutorial, to import Kuka Robot from URDF file, and started playing with model just to see how it behaves. Example file: "kuka_experimental/kuka_kr210_support/urdf/kr210l150.urdf"
Repository with URDFS

1. Are params defined somwhere in other file then urdf? Mass or inertia?
2. Is it possible to change model params?
3. Can I run model without dynamics and just display static model?
4. Main problem is overshoot. Can I change controls params? Or maybe use some custom PID controller?
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