Multiagent Competitive RL: Collisions not modelled between robots

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Multiagent Competitive RL: Collisions not modelled between robots

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I am working on porting a set of multiagent competitive environments (see them here: to PyBullet and have run into a weird case where collision between robots in the environment are ignored completely. The robots are able to move right through each other.

I've yet to train an RL agent in the environments, but I've been running random policies to make sure the physics looks right and have come across this problem while moving the robots around with my mouse and by setting their initial positions so that they are near enough to hit each other.

My function in the environment that steps it is lightly modified from here: ... The modifications are specifically removing the

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if not self.scene.multiplayer:
on L65 and commenting out lines 85 through 95. I'm not sure if either of those modifications may be having some unintended consequences, and if they are, I'm not sure how to fix them.

I'm at a loss trying to figure out why this is happening and greatly appreciate any help.

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