Experienced Developer - Virtual Reality Physics Simulation

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Experienced Developer - Virtual Reality Physics Simulation

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Dear board,

We're currently looking for an experienced software developer with a solid background in math/physics to joint a team of developers working on realtime simulation topics and immersive (read: VR) user experience.

The main objective for this position will be to join development of our realtime physics solver and surrounding application modules - thus plenty of opportunity to work along interesting side paths such as collision detection for rigid and soft bodies, gpu-based approaches, user experience in immersive VR ..

We'd ideally require solid experience in the development of realtime solvers - e.g. in the field of multi body physics simulation - there's a more complete profile of what we're looking for in a successful candidate posted online at ESI careers:


There's contact information within the profile of course - but please do feel free to contact me over the board with questions or any requests for more specific information. If you'd like to see bits of what we actually do - here's a link to our youtube channel with a few more visual examples.

Best regards,
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