Unity 3D physics programmer

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Unity 3D physics programmer

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Physics Programmer
Engineering | Europe, Denmark

Unity Technologies is looking for a programmer to join its team.

You'll work across all disciplines of our game development tool, focusing on improving Unity's physics simulation, as well as optimizing it for multiple platforms. Your code will be used by hundreds of thousands of developers, will ship in thousands of games and enjoyed by millions of users. Join a team of insanely brilliant, passionate developers and unleash your creativity!

Things you'll work on:
Implement state of the art physics features in the Unity engine on multiple platforms.
Work across all the areas of responsibility of the core runtime team.
Excellent knowledge of linear algebra and the math behind game and physics engines.
Understanding of the physics simulation requirements in game development.
Strong C/C++ programming skills.
2+ years of AAA game or technology development.
Ability to work without layers of management above you.
Additional nice-to-haves:
Experience with rigid body dynamics simulation.
Experience with C#/.NET.
Experience with multicore/SPU development.
Experience with low level programming (assembly, SIMD etc.).
Mobile (iOS/Android) experience.

Ideally Berlin, however we’ll seriously consider applications for Helsinki, Stockholm, Vilnius and Copenhagen as well.

The X-Factor of The Unity Team:

Every person at Unity Technologies has an inherent passion and driven spirit. We all know Unity’s story – and though it’s been an incredible journey to the present, we believe the best is yet to come as the Unity platform continues to revolutionize the way games and interactive 3D are created. Our teams work with developers, artists, and entrepreneurs worldwide to bring a visually-stunning, easily-deployable, and powerful development platform to its users. It’s not enough to be able to do the job – we’re looking for people that color outside the lines, are looking to be freed from the process tangle, and can dream big!

Working at Unity:

We are product-driven, curious, and creative. Our offices worldwide nurture an environment where employees are given opportunities to unleash their potential, push boundaries, and work on complex challenges. The Unity engine is a flexible 3D development application that combines usability and raw engineering power. We aggressively reinvest in development to keep Unity moving and evolving - from expanding usability and power, to platform reach. Every employee at Unity contributes to driving this company and its technology forward, reaching and supporting new markets and ensuring the Unity Community is among the most vocal, nurtured, and supported in the world.

Want to Join our Ranks?
Our recruiting team can answer questions about life at Unity or about specific opportunities. Chat with us on Skype: unity_careers. If you would like to apply for a specific position, please click on the link above.
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