Realtime Planet Rendering (eventual space) Engine needs YOU!

Job seekers and recruitment for game physics developers.
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Realtime Planet Rendering (eventual space) Engine needs YOU!

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Team Structure

n30 - I am the Project Manager

Preproduction/research Team is rotating volunteers as needed. Building production/development team now.

I have 20 years lead application development experience in various multinational Fortune 10/500 Corporations, primarily in New York City.

keeperX - Lead Programmer
He has experience as an engine developer working on triple AAA multimillion selling games I will not mention to protect his identity.

Talent Needed

Programmers in the following fields:

Blender, C++, Bullet Physics, OpenCL, GPU/OpenCL, Editors

Unskilled is fine, we will train.

artists and professionals in: graphics, sound, marketing, promotions, etc are welcome


Contact Method

contact via the website or private message me here

email address is neopangaia(@t)

Previous Work by Team

versions one and two of the following blog:

Project Info
Team name


Project Name

virtual planet earth / "project: one"

Target Aim

Open Source Engine/Retail MMO

Compensation Plan

Volunteer > Profit Sharing > fulltime paid position


OGRE - Rendering Engine (OpenGL/C++)
OgreKit - Game Engine core
---imports Blender.blend files
---imports Bullet Physics
---imports Blender game Engine "Logic Bricks"
---allows programming via customizable "Logic Bricks"
---OpenAL sound

Code and algorithms from the Open Source OpenGL/C++ Planet Rendering Engine Proland ( as well as OpenGlobe (, made into an OGRE Terrain Module.

RedDwarf Server - Open Source Java MMO server (TCP) that has true persistence, load balancing, and low cost third party available scalability.

Extending Above with extra features

After Alpha Additions on the Roadmap
-Entity System
-Behavior Tree
-Dynamic Pathfinding
-Inner Solar System Terrain

Additional Info

started out as source material accurate mythology simulator, (which led to it being an adult content project, due to Greek mythology alone)

added sci-fi, horror and anime elements due to fan requests

story based on Anime, HP Lovecraft and Terrance McKenna



Two Projects:

Open Source, True Persistence Planet Rendering MMO Game Engine
(TCP only, UDP support on roadmap) consisting of:

OGRE - Rendering Engine (OpenGL/C++)

OgreKit - Game Engine core
imports Blender.blend files (animation, bones, textures, etc.)
imports Bullet Physics
imports Blender game Engine "Logic Bricks"
allows programming via customizable "Logic Bricks"
OpenAL sound
Realtime Planet Rendering - Terrain - Code and algorithms from the Open Source OpenGL/C++ Planet Rendering Engine Proland ( as well as OpenGlobe (, made into an OGRE Terrain Module.

RedDwarf Server - Open Source Java MMO server (TCP) that has true persistence, load balancing, and low cost third party available scalability.

(formerly "Underworld" internally "project: one") - Started as World Mythology Simulator, later developed anime and horror elements. Set in near future H.P. Lovecraft/Anime setting.

Basic Info a Virtual Planet Earth (inner solar system on roadmap), Zelda/Diablo Action MMORPG where the various Realms of Mythology from the pages of history coexist.They are well researched for historical accuracy and inter connected around a central storyline. It is a place where the player is free to choose their experience. Underworld features the mature themes of the world’s mythologies from a time before Religion. Although the players of Underworld MMO can have sex. the game is not centered around that. We have a lot of gameplay elements that have never been seen before in a commercial MMORPG.

Features The main features of "project one" are both new and familiar as listed below:Underworld: When a character dies in the Underworld MMO, their “soul” journeys to the Underworld of their particular Realm of Mythology. Greek charaters go to Hades, Norse characters go to Valhalla of Hel.A character has to work their way back to the land of the living. They gain valuable experience from the journey. Characters such as Vampires, who have no soul, suffer permanent death(permadeath) if they are killed.Even major NPCs go to the Underworld when they die.

Technology: A lot of technology is only usable by humanoids. Tetsus are an example of this.Some technology is only usable by inhumans. Vampires are an interesting exception because they can use both human and inhuman technology. Of course, they pay the heavy price of permadeath for this luxury.

Weather: Weather exists like in other MMORPGs. In Underworld MMO it can affect things beyond visibility.Ranged weapons have decreased range and accuracy, certain creatures have lessened or heightened abilities in certain weather.Some creatures can even be destroyed by weather(Vampires and Sunlight comes to mind).
Weather/Earth Control: In addition to these elements, magic users can actually control the weather and certain terrain features within varying bouandaries (depends on power level and other factors) and use it's affects against their enemies. Should two wizards have a duel in underworld MMO, it is a sight to behold.
Uniques: Rare item in Underworld MMO are truly UNIQUE. There is only ONE Mjolnir, hammer of Thor and every other rare item. Should a major NPC lose their main weapon. They will seek it out from the ones who stole it. Should they be unsuccessful in retrieving it, they will have a new weapon made, but it will not be the one they lost.
Be wary of players who learn that you have the Unique they seek!
Misc: In addition to human controlled NPCs, a lot of the elements of Under world MMO are familiar to MMORPG players. They are implemented a little differently:
Guilds: Can create their own quests, own property and AI stores.
Pets and Deities: Can be invoked, evoked or created (Golems)
Transportation: Walk, run, fly, swim, teleport or use vehicles and mounts.
Races: Over 20 races in the game are playable. Even monsters.
Servers: No mirrored duplication here. Thousands (or millions) of players, One world. We add new Realms of Mythology to support additional players. There are enough mythologies on Earth to support half a million players in one huge gameworld.
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