Physics SE - Research lead opportunity - EA, Guildford

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Physics SE - Research lead opportunity - EA, Guildford

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EATech works as a central physics technology and support team based in Guildford, we work with EA game teams worldwide. We define and develop world-class physics simulation solutions in collaboration with the EAPhysics team locally and game team stakeholders at all levels of the organisation

· We have worked closely with franchises including Burnout, Skate, Fight Night, FIFA, NFS, MySims, Tiger Woods, Harry Potter, Hasbro, Sports Active, NASCAR and many more.

· Future development directions we plan to pursue include:

- Exploiting massively parallel hardware
- Integration of currently separate tools and runtime into a common solution
- High-level character physics components that build on the convergence of physics/animation/AI
- Cloth, destruction, soft body and fluid simulations.

EA Tech are now recruiting for a top tier Physics Software Engineer to take on a Research Lead opportunity within the team. Key responsibilities will include;

• Collaborate with the existing EAPhysics team and users to understand and communicate the short, medium and longer term research priorities for physics in EA.
• Work effectively with the existing EAPhysics leadership.
• Build strategic relationships with CTO and TD level stakeholders at key EA studios.
• Provide regular updates to the community on research progress including article and videos as appropriate that our users and their game design partners can build into their concepts.
• Apply strong written and oral communication skills.
• Adapt messages for different audiences and cultures
• Ability to stay abreast of and contribute to the wider industry cutting edge perhaps including publications and conference presentations.
• Propose and write high quality and relevant and inspirational articles and contribute to the production of videos.

Develop research plans that are practical in their risk vs reward and also deliver real value to game teams in timescales they see as relevant.
• Develop algorithms and code to deliver real-time solutions to EA game teams.
• Think both strategically and analytically
• Give attention to detail
• Demonstrate creativity and innovation
• A proven ability to work with local and remote stakeholders to deliver complex solutions collaboratively with end users
• Be willing to engage with our customers out of the 9 to 5 window when required
• Assess, communicate and seek to minimise the risks associated with our research plans and the impact of solutions on subsequent game team technology adoption.
• Plan and lead work for self and others in accordance with agreed objectives and group strategic and operational plans
• Communicate with project stakeholders to keep expectations and delivery aligned
• Mentor and coach EATech colleagues

The ideal candidate for this role will demonstrate;

• Deep knowledge of classical physics.
• Demonstrated ability to develop physics simulation solutions
• Proven ability to read around a subject and propose, prototype solutions.
• Demonstrable success in getting ideas into working solutions that customers rate highly.
• Experience of one or more of the following is highly desirable: Game physics implementations, C++ programming, Console programming, Real-time applications
• A track record of working collaboratively to get results when team members and end-users are distributed globally.
• Transparent approach to researching and developing solutions.
If this sounds like the right role for you then please do not hesitate to send your CV to
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