New Mechanical Technology Integration

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New Mechanical Technology Integration

Post by doby » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:20 am

21Geo has invented the Precise Motion Technology (PMT) the enables bearings to do more than go around in a circle -- they support complex motions. The methodology takes the description of motion between two components and generates raceway surfaces that support the relative motion, known as Motion Specialized Bearings (MSB). Animated examples can be found at

The question is how can the technology be integrated into Bullet. It would be best if the bearings could be integrated into normal bullet linkages. There are two levels of integration:

1) The MSB and linkages are defined normally and the resulting mechanism can be viewed.
2) The user can define a path desired by a point on a component and the physics tells the PMT what the relative motion needs to be to obtain that path.

Can anybody outline what has to be done?

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