Problems building on MacOSX

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Problems building on MacOSX

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Hello, bit of a newbie here in more ways than one.

I am having a bit of a hard time getting Bullet 2.87 to build on Xcode 12.4, MacOSX 10.15.7 Catalina, and CMake 3.24.4.

I am a new member of a team and I've been tasked with getting a windows project ported over to Mac, so it's been a bit of a ride. I'm new to a lot of the tools that are being used to build the application. Specifically anything Mac, Bullet or CMake related. We're running a SuperBuild method through CMake, and then the SuperBuild creates several libraries including Bullet with custom built commands meant to tailor it to our project's needs.

All that being said, when I try to build Bullet through the SuperBuild, I get some errors that I can't seem to figure out. I've trudged through a bunch of other things, but this one seems to be stumping me completely. I've attached the xcode error log as a txt file, but part of the problem seems to be related to wait.h and the default xcode toolchain:

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/Applications/ error: unexpected type name 'id_t': expected expression
int     waitid(idtype_t, id_t, siginfo_t *, int) __DARWIN_ALIAS_C(waitid);
There are several errors relating to waitid and I haven't found anything about it relating to building Bullet.
Build Bullet_2023-03-27T12-57-17.txt
Error Log
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