Bullet on XNA

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Re: Bullet on XNA

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ya turned out I had a couple typos so in one direction with a static box and movable box worked the other way didn't... and sometimes the hash on the first was less than the hash on the second and vice versa... I ended up modifying the sort in both to sort on mass and then object type so I could have them always match; though now that the problem is sorted(solved) I can revert to a simpler test.

coming along pretty well :)

Enough to start implementing it into the display engine... almost...

I was wondering; how are stairs handled? Is it just typical to use a capsule for a player and the rounded bottom automatically goes up? What if I have exceedingly large steps?

edit: originally was coming back to search forum for 'stairs' since a google search similarly returned less than useful information... I have a good idea of where to look now
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Re: Bullet on XNA

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Have a look at the kinematicCharacterController for a reasonable starting point on going up stairs and the like, though you can spend as much time tweaking that for your game as you can on a new physics engine , or it feels like that at times. Can see why people often cheat and have stairs done as a simple ramp from collision point of view and only draw the stairs for effect :)
This is a good read as well on the 'joys' of character controllers :

http://www.gamedev.net/blog/832/entry-2 ... ontroller/
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