Bullet, Ogre and Animations

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Bullet, Ogre and Animations

Post by skiwi »

I am working currently with Bullet as physics engine and Ogre as graphical engine. I got most things connected via a thin wrapper called BtOgre, and it works good.

But there is one thing: I use a mesh with animations in the graphical engine, but how do I reflect those animations in the physics engine?
Am I supposed to make a new collision shape every step of the simulation, representing the new state of the animation? Or what else?
And if so, how am I going to get the data from Ogre?

Also, in case anyone knows, what is the difference between "StaticMeshToShapeConverter" and "AnimatedMeshToShapeConverter" in BtOgre? I hoped it would help me in animating, but it seemingly doesn't.
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Re: Bullet, Ogre and Animations

Post by c6burns »

I think you have to leverage methods in the AnimatedMeshToShapeConverter to blend the verts by the bones. Dig through the class and check the methods ... I don't think it's as simple as an addTime() call every frame. Also I don't think that class is even originally from BtOgre, it's pulled out of OgreBullet. Look in the OgreBullet project and see if there's anywhere it's used in the demos.
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