Making bullet demo pretty

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Making bullet demo pretty

Post by ins7itia » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:22 pm


I'm looking for some serialization from bullet to blender etc.

I have my own rigid body dynamics controller implemented in bullet application (works in every step simulation), and I want to make the animation looks better than just a debugger displays.

I think that the easiest way to achieve the animations is to export information from bullet (e.g. .obj, .blend, etc.), then import it to a tool like Blender to load some sequence of frames, then render it. Sadly, however, it seems there is no simple parser to do that officially ( ... =12&t=6882).

Well, second thought is that I can directly implement my controller into the Blender. Since there is other system coupled to control the body, I'm not sure if it is possible.

Last thought is that I can implement a gorgeous renderer by my self. It would be time consuming task to me though..

So there are two main question:
1. Is there any way to export data from bullet (scene / animation) to certain tools (Blender, Maya, etc.)?

2. If the tools like Blender supports user-specified dynamics controller?

Any comments would be very appreciated!

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