Bullet Consulting Needed

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Bullet Consulting Needed

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At Medical Simulation Corporation, we currently use Bullet in our Windows C++ simulation development. We are expanding our use of Bullet and would like consulting help from someone with overall design expertise in using both the soft body and rigid body libraries.

Our software simulates catheter-based surgeries such as angioplasties and stents. These surgeries involve running catheters (tubes) through human veins and arteries, then inflating balloons and other devices within these vessels. Physicians use our simulators to become better at these surgeries the same way airplane pilots use simulators to improve their skills.

If you have design experience using Bullet in a commercial program or comparable skills that could help us, we would love to talk to you. If you know someone with this expertise who would be interested, please let them know about us. The email address below is generic in order to limit calls by recruiters, but I promise we will respond to you promptly.

softwareresumes at medsimulation dot com
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Re: Bullet Consulting Needed

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Hello, have your question been solved! I develop the same project now, so I want to get some assistance from you. Thankyou very much!
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