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Physics Programmer - ROBLOX - Leading Online Game Developer

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ROBLOX is one of the top kids sites on the internet, with over 4 million unique monthly visitors spending 20+ minutes per session! We are a massively multi-player online game that uses physics to simulate the real world. Everything in ROBLOX is user created, which makes us unique among leading online and social gaming sites.

ROBLOX is looking for an energetic programmer to help increase the features and capabilities of our physics technologies. We're looking for someone who is not afraid of new challenges and wants to work on a technology team and with a company that is focused on redefining the physical realism experienced in massively multiplayer online games. At ROBLOX we find the brightest, most talented people in the industry and create positions around them. We are backed by two of the best VC's you could find, Altos Ventures and First Round Capital. Our business model is proven and we are generating growing cash flow from subscriptions, virtual currency, ROBLOX cards (Gamestop, etc.), and advertising.

As Physics Programmer, you will:
• Maintain and enhance the stability, quality, and performance of multi-body game worlds undergoing motion due to collisions, joints and user interactions.
• Maintain, support and optimize the existing distributed physics code in ROBLOX and assist in its practical applications within the game projects.
• Work closely with the Roblox Client, Web and User Interface project teams to assist in integrating and extending the ROBLOX physics engine.

• At least 2 years of programming experience with emphasis on physics, simulation technologies and/or mechanical system dynamics.
• Excellent C/C++ programming skills.
• Strong 3D math skills.
• Good "can do" attitude with a service oriented personality.
• Being versatile and regularly proving a readiness to tackle new challenges.
• A passion for playing and making games with superior performance and realism!

• At least one shipped PC title
• Experience writing simulation code for components such as collisions, contact force calculation, multi-body dynamics, distributed physics, etc.
• Exposure to GJK, Featherstone, continuous physics, union-find, sweep and prune and other game physics algorithms.
• Experience with commercial game physics packages.
• Experience with multithreaded/SPU programming.

Additional reasons to work at ROBLOX include:
* Fun and Creative freedom. Your creativity will be rewarded with fast release cycles and adoring praise from our users.
* Cutting Edge Technology. Our platform is a distributed physics environment running in a custom game cloud, integrated with a highly scalable web site. We are currently responding to 32,000 requests per second and have our scaling sights set on 2X, 5X, and 10X.
* Location. Our San Mateo office is perfect for travel to and from San Francisco and Silicon Valley via car or Caltrain.

Please send CVs as email attachments to Check us out at H-1B friendly.
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Re: Physics Programmer - ROBLOX - Leading Online Game Develo

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Re: Physics Programmer - ROBLOX - Leading Online Game Develo

Post by physicphysx »

I think this is a great idea to have bullet as ROBLOX's physics engine! :D With a little more effort, plenty of determined developers, and a strive at never giving up, maybe (HOPEFULLY) sometime soon roblox will get a new physics engine like this, and start the switch. Bullet is millions of times better of a physics engine then roblox's current poopla that is made from scratch. Roblox, this should be the physics engine you settle on! There are plenty of possibilities with it! More realistic rigidbodies, softbodies, particle physics, fluid, cloth, string, rope, gasses, true smoke/dynamic fire, different types of hinges such as ball socket, one way hinges, different viscocity fluid physics, dynamic grass, rigidbody denting, etc. With a physics engine like this, roblox could raise to the top, and be a breakthrough of a multiplayer physics game. This is truely what roblox needs to be.


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Re: Physics Programmer - ROBLOX - Leading Online Game Develo

Post by physicphysx »

Roblox is in dire need of a new physics engine, and I am pretty sure roblox developers know it. I don't think that just copying from roblox's job page and pasting it in a physics forum is going to get roblox any bullet physics developers. I am not one, but I know that conversation is the way to getting someone to gratefully take the physics developer role. Bullet would be an epic physics engine for roblox to settle on, but how will that happen without any regular conversation with people. I mean contacting bullet and emailing them would be a better idea then just leaving a post here, letting it age day by day, without any sort of reply that has to do with a job application.

Sorry if I sounded rude but I don't think anything will happen without some sort of effort put into it. Roblox never sends out any release notes, they really don't tell players about bugs being fixed, or say anything about what they are doing next. Its like most players think that roblox isn't doing or adding anything at all. If roblox is working on something, most of the players go by uninformed, which is why I am saying this. I just wish that players could be notified of what roblox is doing, thats all.

I'm really sorry if I sounded rude or anything, and I want to wish the roblox team the best of luck.

Good luck roblox :D ,


Physicphysx (1121123)
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Re: Physics Programmer - ROBLOX - Leading Online Game Develo

Post by David.Baszucki »

Hi All - just saw this from our recruiter. Yes sorry for not posting more here and instead just having this ad show up. I looked at bullet a while back and did some benchmarking but I will take another look with the current version.

I agree ROBLOX physics engine needs a bunch of stuff. One thing our physics engine does very well is handle joined objects efficiently and interact nicely with the network. It will be fun to take another look at bullet.


David Baszucki
CEO / author ROBLOX physics engine
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