missing detection using collisionWorld::rayTestSingle

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missing detection using collisionWorld::rayTestSingle

Post by guernika » Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:06 pm

dear group,

I am trying to implement a ray cast based collision detection.
The case study is quite simple:
it is a rectangular shape falling over a cylinder.
It works fine if I use btGjkConvexCast,
but it doesn't work using collisionWorld::rayTestSingle.
It seems that collisionWorld::rayTestSingle misses a lot of collisions,
even if the rays are the same for both the methods.
Can you explain me why?
What can I do if I want detect collisions against non convex shapes?


Code: Select all

void ClothSimulator::solveCollision(REAL dt)
	//TODO: Handle multiple rigid objects
	//.. find rigid object
	btCollisionObject* cyl_obj = m_world->getCollisionObjectArray()[1];
	btTransform t = cyl_obj->getWorldTransform();
	btConvexShape* cyl_shape = (btConvexShape*) cyl_obj->getCollisionShape();
	btVector3 aabbMin, aabbMax;
	btVoronoiSimplexSolver	simplexSolver;

	const unsigned npoints = m_particle.m_p.size();
	for ( size_t i=0; i<npoints; i++) 
		bool hasHit = false;
		btScalar closestHitResults = 1.f;
		btConvexCast::CastResult rayResult;
		btSphereShape pointShape(0.0f);
                vec3 from =......
                vec3 to = .......

		btTransform rayFromTrans;
		btTransform rayToTrans;
		rayFromTrans.setOrigin( btVector3(from.x,from.y,from.z) );
		btScalar hitLambda = 1.f;
		btVector3 hitNormal;

		btVector3 rayFrom = btVector3(from.x,from.y,from.z);
		btVector3 rayTo = btVector3(to.x,to.y,to.z);

                this is the the code for simple ray test:
		btCollisionWorld::ClosestRayResultCallback cb(rayFrom, rayTo);
		m_world->rayTestSingle(rayFromTrans,rayToTrans, cyl_obj, cyl_obj->getCollisionShape(), t, cb);
		//m_world->rayTest(rayFrom, rayTo, cb );

		if (cb.hasHit()) 
                this is the code for convex cast ray test:		
		if (btRayAabb(rayFrom, rayTo, aabbMin, aabbMax, hitLambda, hitNormal))
			btTransform transform;
			//btSubsimplexConvexCast convexCaster(&pointShape, cyl_shape,&simplexSolver);
			btGjkConvexCast convexCaster(&pointShape, cyl_shape,&simplexSolver);
			if (convexCaster.calcTimeOfImpact(rayFromTrans,rayToTrans,t,t,rayResult))
				if (rayResult.m_fraction < closestHitResults)
					closestHitResults = rayResult.m_fraction;
					hasHit = true;
					if (hasHit)
		//-- try to discover difference between convex caster and simple ray test
		if (cb.hasHit() && hasHit)
			btVector3 delta = cb.m_hitPointWorld - rayResult.m_hitPoint;
		if (hasHit && !cb.hasHit()) 
			printf("missing detection by simple ray cast\n");
		if (cb.hasHit() && !hasHit) 
			printf("missing detection by convex ray cast\n");

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