How do I load/convert OpenFlight format?

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How do I load/convert OpenFlight format?

Post by Tal »

First, I just want to say how good is Bullet, that is why I'm asking now an impossible question.
I want to use it with Presagis Vega Prime mainly for proper collision detection, and I do aware to the separation between free software world to the commercial.

As far as I saw, I can only load/deserialize .bullet format. Is there any other format bullet knows or could be converted from?

My terrain(including buildings and trees) database is in OpenFlight format, but I can convert it to other format, either by Terra Vista or TerraTools.
Is there any tool for converting to bullet format?
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Re: How do I load/convert OpenFlight format?

Post by Pini_Belilovsky »

Hi, I'm also looking for an answer to that riddle, I would much appreciate some help on the matter...
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Re: How do I load/convert OpenFlight format?

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You have plenty of options to construct physics objects however you need. The manual explains what type of collision object is best suited to each scenario. Find which collision object best fits your desired usage. Then look at the constructors/methods for how you can pass your data in.

For example, you can create terrain either using image data and btHeightfieldTerrainShape, or pulling the data from your render mesh and using btHeightfieldTerrainShape or btBvhTriangleMeshShape (using a btTriangleMesh).
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