Collision Vertex/Triangle Index

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Collision Vertex/Triangle Index

Post by deian » Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:47 am


i am using the bullet collision detection exclusively for triangle meshes. More specifically the GImpact Algorithm.
From the tutorials on the bullet wiki i can deduce how to perform the collision tests and hot to get the contact coordinates.
Now my question is: is there a possibility to get the collided vertex/triangle indices and in case the according barycentric coordinates?


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btCollisionObjectWrapper wrap_(NULL, s_.shape(), s_.obj(), s_.obj()->getWorldTransform());
btCollisionAlgorithm* algo  = m_dispatcher.findAlgorithm(&wrap, &wrap_);
btManifoldResult contactPointResult(&wrap, &wrap_);
algo->processCollision(&wrap, &wrap_, info, &contactPointResult);

btManifoldArray manifoldArray;

for (int i(0); i < manifoldArray.size(); ++i) {

	btPersistentManifold* manifold = manifoldArray[i];
	int n_con = manifold->getNumContacts();
	for (int j(0); j < n_con; ++j) {

	       btManifoldPoint& pt = manifold->getContactPoint(j);
	       btVector3 a_ = pt.getPositionWorldOnA();
	       btVector3 b_ = pt.getPositionWorldOnB();
	       btVector3 f_ = pt.m_normalWorldOnB;
               // VERTEX/TRIANGLE INDEX ??

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