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Post by cengkarim » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:26 pm

Hi all,
I successfully managed to integrate Bullet with Ogre and was trying some demos. I replicated CcdPhysicsDemo, I was shooting a box on a stacked boxes. All the boxes (Including the shooting one) are 1x1x1 m3, the shooting box initial speed is 80. Without using CCD, the simulation was sometimes weird, I guess 80 m/sec is not that much of a speed. Turning on CCD fixed things up, but what is the cost? If CCD is that all awesome, why it wouldn't be enabled and used by default?
The demo used the following two lines in CCD, I'm just a beginner in Bullet and tried to find what those are doing but failed:
body->setCcdMotionThreshold(CUBE_HALF_EXTENTS = 1);

I appreciate your help.

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