Bullet useful for Collision Deformer in, say, Cinema 4D?

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Bullet useful for Collision Deformer in, say, Cinema 4D?

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Now that I have a working set of libs and demo apps for Bullet, here is my real question:

Would Bullet be a good suit for doing collision detection (broadphase and narrowphase) and then deformations based upon the interpenetration during collision of arbitrary polygonal mesh objects (i.e.: concave meshes)? If the meshes need to be triangulated, that is not a problem.

To clarify further, the collision and deformation would not be in dynamics simulation but during user interaction (moving a collider object into a stationary object to be deformed by the former, possibly with retention of the indentation) or interaction during animation. This is basically the same idea as the Collision Deformer provided by Cinema 4D in R13 and later that I would like to basically replicate for earlier versions of Cinema 4D (by user request).

While I am a stranger to neither 3D CG programming nor collision detection, the mesh-mesh deformation process has been giving me trouble, especially in the response area. From my research, this is no trivial pursuit and am hoping to utilize this library to achieve the desired results without reinventing the wheel.

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