large penetration/jitter with small kinematic triangle mesh

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large penetration/jitter with small kinematic triangle mesh

Post by sjdowling » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:55 am

I used blender to export a model of a physical hand using the triangle mesh collision shape since convex hull fails to import. I modified the serialization demo to set up an environment where the hand could interact with objects and am trying to get it to lift a dynamic body box. Because I want to control the position of the hand I have made it a kinematic body.

However there is a large amount of penetration and jittering between the box and the hand. Larger boxes will vibrate across the surface of the palm until they fall off and smaller boxes will penetrate through the fingers and fall through.

I have read in this forum that it is inadvisable to create a triangle mesh with small triangles due to contact point management as Erwin says here ... f=9&t=1501 . However I am trying to simulate a real world interaction. Would simply scaling up the objects solve my jitter/penetration problem and is there a better solution?

Code is attached.

*** Edit
I decided to experiment with scaling the size of the hand and box by 10 and while the results are an improvement there is still a small amount of jitter and the box is not coming to rest.
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