Jet physics

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Jet physics

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Hi all,

I'm planning to make a Jet fighting game and I need some advice, this is my first 3D game that I'm making and for the last few months I have been seriously learning. Now it's time for physics integration... I have a few question of a newbie and I need your help ;)

1. Will I have benefits of using Bullet except from collision detection? or should I program all the Jet physics myself? What do you recommend?
2. In Multiplayer games, is it wise to put the whole physics library at the server side? and update the client in the rate of 30fps?
3. When I'm making physics shapes out of my own meshes, do I need to compute the moment of inertia myself? Or is it better to divide the jet into a compound of shapes? Can you give any advice on implementation?

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Re: Jet physics

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You have to put physics on client but you do not need bulletphysics for flight physics. You need collisions only. When airplane touch anything in the air then it explodes. So physics is not required. BulletPhysics can't simulate realistically airplane landing.

The other problem with fast moving objects in large worlds is float point precisions. You will experience visible vibration when you will go far enough from center of coordinates.
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