BulletMultiThreaded on x86_64

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BulletMultiThreaded on x86_64

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What is the status of BulletMultiThreaded on x86_64? I noticed that BulletMultiThreaded and Demos/AppMultiThreaded are not built for 64-bit architectures, and just crash if I manually build them on Mac OS X 10.6 for x86_64.

Also, the build process is broken on Mac OS X 10.6 when building Universal Binaries for i386/x86_64. The following demos depend on BulletMultiThreaded and hence fail to build on 64-bit builds:


Attached is a patch for Demos/CMakeLists.txt
Patch for Demos/CMakeLists.txt to exclude Gpu3dDemo and MiniCL_VectorAdd for 64-bit builds.
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Re: BulletMultiThreaded on x86_64

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I had this same problem and it didn't build fully. Your patch for Demos/CMakeLists.txt works, thanks!
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