Static collision info for big amount of boxes

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Static collision info for big amount of boxes

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Hello, community!

I need to find a collision clusters for 50000 objects, it can be boxes for a beginning.
The scene is full static, no movement at all.
Also i need to integrate it to another app with IronPytnon 2.7. Going to use BulletSharp dll for this, as it easier to distribute one dll instead of Python package.
So, i've imported dll into Python, can see from [Aabb, BulletSharp.Aabb] to [WheelInfoConstructionInfo, BulletSharp.WheelInfoConstructionInfo].

As i can see, i need btCollisionWorld::contactTest and btCollisionWorld::contactPairTest methods.
I wonder, if i can use multithreading for this?
Do you think contactTest and contactPairTest is enough for my purposes?

Thank in advance!

Best regards,

Update: found this topic, viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12877&p=42771&hilit ... est#p42771
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