Request camera image data

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Request camera image data

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Hi there,

how to retrieve the camera data(RGB, Depth and segmentation) from the random demo example in the examples browers? I want to imit this project
into any other demo example like the attached image senario.

Taking the "Rope Attach" which is "Simulate a rigid body connected to a rope." for example, there is "resetCamera" function in the class of SoftDemo defination C++ source file. how can i retrive the sythetic camera image data while the whole simulation running?

I find the example "Physics Client (Shared Mem)" in the example browers, and there, i can send the command of "request camera image" to display the retrieved image data in the left side canvas GUI. Then, how can i translate this function calling routating into any other demo example to retrived image data?

i am using the C++ most latet API. currently, i directly call below code in the "void SoftDemo::initPhysics()", but this fucntion seem have confict with the original variable of "m_dynamicsWorld" which lead to code break down.

m_isOptionalServerConnected = m_physicsServer.connectSharedMemory(m_guiHelper);

ANY advise on this? thanks.
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