ContactProcessingThreshold And ContactBreakingThreshold

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ContactProcessingThreshold And ContactBreakingThreshold

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I am trying to process distances to all colliders (even when the distance > 0 so they are not in collision) through the AddSingleResult(ManifoldPoint cp, CollisionObjectWrapper colObj0Wrap, int partId0, int index0, CollisionObjectWrapper colObj1Wrap, int partId1, int index1) function.

My understanding is that this is achieved by setting the ContactProcessingThreshold to the value we want to start processing distances. However, changing this value seems to have no effect in the threshold by which contacts are being processed.
Contacts seem to be getting processed for distances smaller than 0.002.

This is with ContactProcessingThreshold in CollisionObject and PersistentManifold to 10000.
ContactBreakingThreshold set to ContactProcessingThreshold * 2.001f in PersistentManifold
and DispatcherFlags = DispatcherFlags & ~DispatcherFlags.UseRelativeContactBreakingThreshold in CollisionDispatcher.

Is there anything else we need to change to be able to adjust the threshold for processing contact points?
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