Invisible collision with lego_vhacd.obj [video]

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Invisible collision with lego_vhacd.obj [video]

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I am training a neural net to learn to grasp objects. I use the provided lego.urdf as the object to pick up with a YuMi robot.

With the provided lego object I noticed quickly that a lot of slipping is happening. Changing the friction and force values of the gripper did not help against slipping.

Then I found the lego_vhacd.obj file that is also provided in the bullet3 repository and changed the collision part in the lego.urdf to make use of it.

Code: Select all

      <origin rpy="1.570796 0 0" xyz="-0.016 -0.016 -0.0115"/>
	 <mesh filename="lego_vhacd.obj" scale=".1 .1 .1"/>
With this change the object does not slip from the gripper that much, but another problem occurs: when the gripper is close to the object it will "sidestep" as though it collided with an invisible object. Here is a video of the situation and also how it looks like with the standard lego.urdf: ... eIEb4BeRzz.

Do you know why this occurs and how it could be solved?
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