btConcaveShape and internal edges

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btConcaveShape and internal edges

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I am currently struggling trying to avoid collision being detected between a convex hull decomposition shape and my terrain (custom shape derived from btConcaveShape).

The issue is pretty intense when using small triangles, as seen in that video:

When using bigger triangles, the objects manage to at least come to a deactivated state, but false-positive collision are still detected.

I have implemented a custom shape, derived from btConcaveShape. I haven't however found how I could filter out those internal edges collision using that shape.

I am aware of the btCollisionObject::CF_CUSTOM_MATERIAL_CALLBACK flag + gContactAddedCallback + btAdjustInternalEdgeContacts method for triangle meshes, but have no idea how to apply the equivalent to my custom shape, where I basically call "callback->processTriangle()" for each relevant triangle in the processAllTriangles() method.

Is there any option to get rid of the internal edges detected contact points ? Thanks a lot !!
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