Failed to run demo/example from bullet source

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Failed to run demo/example from bullet source

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Hi guys,

I am an absolute newbie on Bullet and sorry in advance if this is stupid question. I am trying to run some examples/demos of the engine from VS 2017 but failed.

What I did is that I pulled down the project from github, build it with cmake, open VS to compile the source, and then tried to run. The source compiles fine, but every time I hit run it will give me an error says no "Unable to start program in .../Debug/ALL_BUILD. The system cannot find files specified" (I attached a snapshot below). I am using Debug mode under Win32. And if I go into that alerted path there is nothing in it indeed.

I also notice that the current project I build from cmake is an "ALL_BUILD" as there are 45 projects under the VS solution hierarchy. Maybe I should have separate solutions for each project? I also attached a snapshot of the solution hierarchy below.

Or maybe I totally misunderstand that there is no runnable demo explicitly showing certain functionality in a window and all it has is testing pass/fail of data? Anyways I am very lost at this moment.

Any suggestions?
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