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I'm investigating whether there's a super easy way to have Bullet run multithreaded in my simple game I'm building,

I've done investigating and found the following:
- Lunkhound forked a version specifically for this around 2014. I see that he is still updating his fork - is this the version to use for multithreading? (and why does his github say it's the official source for bullet?)
- Official Github has "example multithreading" - however the comments in it are from 2010 - is this the version to learn how to multithread?
- is it even possible to have a normal single-threaded game but run Bullet physics itself in separate threads, so I don't have to learn the entire multi-threading paradigm while building my first c++ game? (like "easy mode" for making Bullet run with multiple threads)

- I see that there is a #define for multi-threaded safeguards - what's the easiest way to *actually* make it run multithreaded? do I have to write/find my own task scheduler? or is there a very common way that everyone does this with Bullet?

bonus question: what's the actual difference between Bullet2 and Bullet3 ?

Thanks for any help you can provide
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