vehicle physics

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vehicle physics

Post by slapin » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:25 am

Hi, all!

I have some very noobish vehicle physics questions, so please point me in right
I need to know the following:
1. I want "realistic" rotation of motor wheels with btRaycastVehicle when they lose contact with ground.
How should I modify/extend btRaycastVehicle?

2. in the video

by Volition they explain various physics trick they use (especially the ones considering vehicle momentum and using
different objects for collision and momentum calculations), they use Havok, is there some ways to do the same in Bullet?

My practical problem is that for some cars I want to simulate high center of mass (e.g. van), so it should fall to side if driven recklessly
(turning too fast) or flip to roof. I use convex hull as collision and it looks like the car is always get to its wheels regardless of what I do, so it is like
magnetized to ground. if I move center of mass too high its starts to behave like pendulum attached to center of mass, so not realistic at all.

3. How to implement 2-wheeled vehicle physics like bike and motorcycle?

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