Ccd forces 1st group collision even if disabled

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Ccd forces 1st group collision even if disabled

Post by Gussak » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:01 am

On jmonkeyengine we use native bullet (not java one).
I found that, if Ccd is enabled, the 1st hit/impact is impossible to be ignored at a collision group filter.

Is that a limitation, a bug or a missing feature or may be some configuration that was not enabled?

The jme3 thread: ... y/38770/16

basically I set Ccd as

Code: Select all

for a sphere radius 0.05f

and at the collide() (that is the collision group filter) I just return false (for this test) so no collisions should happen,
but with Ccd enabled, the 1st collision always happen, and subsequent ones (when the sphere and a box floor are overlapping) will not happen as expected.

for now I only have the java example at that forum, I need some time to learn how to prepare a test case for this forum, sry :/

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