Polymers in a sphere

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Polymers in a sphere

Post by jma » Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:45 am

Hi everybody.
I jut started a post doc to study the dynamic of chromosomes in the nucleus.
They allready have a working simulation using the binding of ode in python that take 4 weeks to run!
So we would like to use bullet that is multi proc.
A first question here: If we use the binding of bullet in python such as pybullet or pyogre can we use GPU or multiproc ?

The polymer (chromosomes) are modeled with chains of cylinder jointed by freely rotating join and the ends of polymers are attached to a sphere (the nucleus) by a force.
Have you heard of similar project for polymer simulation ?
Could you point me to tutorials or examples that would be the most related whith what I would like to do ?


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