Newbie Continious Motion Question

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Newbie Continious Motion Question

Post by rulk » Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:02 pm

I'm really new with physics. Maybe someone would be able to help me to solve the next problem:
I need to calculate position of an agent on the plane(2D) in next time step where time step is large(20+ seconds)
What I know about agent's motion:
-Initial Position
-Direction(normalised vector)
-Velocity(linear function from time ) - object always moves along it's direction
-Angular Velocity(linear function from time)
-External force direction
-External force (linear function from time)

Running discreet simulation with t->0 is not a option...
I understand that it should not be difficult, just correct application of calculus probably, but I'm stuck :oops:

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