Create Shared Memory Server

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Create Shared Memory Server

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Hi All,
I have a working pyBullet simulation with the p.GUI method. I want to interface with this server on a different script, and it seems Shared Memory is the way to do this. I've seen examples online using ExampleBrowser > Experiments > PhysicsServer. I don't want to have to open ExampleBrowser and navigate the GUI to do this process, is there any way to run the PhysicsServer example through terminal/CMD, or in a python script? I've tried running the PhysicsServer.cpp on terminal with g++ but it doesn't seem like this is what it was built for.
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Re: Create Shared Memory Server

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You can use p.GUI_SERVER and connect from one (1, not multiple) other client using p.SHARED_MEMORY.

You can also check out the script as an example (python -m pybullet_utils.runServer) ...
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