Attaching an end effector to a robot

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Attaching an end effector to a robot

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I have two URDF files corresponding to a robot and a gripper/end-effector.
My goal is to attach the end-effector to the robot in a pybullet simulation and have Inverse Kinematics work by returning joint angles for all the joints in both bodies, by supplying the end-effector frame.

The program I'm building is such that merging or combining the two URDF's is a last option. I would rather connect both bodies by using p.createConstraint() during run time.

I've successfully managed to join the end-effector to the robot by using p.createConstraint() so that they move together. But when I supply the end-effector frame to Inverse Kinematics, p.calculateInverseKinematics() returns joint angles only for the end-effector. In other words, the Inverse Kinematics function is treating the setup as two separate bodies.

Is there any way to get Inverse Kinematics to work on both bodies by creating a constraint?

If this is not the best way to do it, or it won't work, what method would you suggest?
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