Pybullet support for magnetic field?

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Pybullet support for magnetic field?

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I am trying to see if I can add a magnetic field using PyBullet, or loadMJCF an .xml Mujoco file that has <option magnetic="blah blah blah">.

I see a previous post viewtopic.php?t=3018 Asking about this, but since the last reply there was posted 6 years ago, I decided to ask again.

I haven't seen native PyBullet support for magnetic fields; and when I tried loading a MJCF file with

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<option gravity="0 0 -10" wind="-100 0 0" magnetic="0 0.5 0" />
it seemed to have no effect on the PyBullet simulator at all, even if that .xml file could be simulated correctly using Mujoco.

So, is there a way to simulate magnetic fields in PyBullet today?
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