calculateJacobian in pybullet

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calculateJacobian in pybullet

Post by Youssmouss » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:50 am

Hi everyone,

I'm actually trying to implement a potential field algorithm for path planning in pybullet.
I have the model of a multibody imported from an .urdf file and an obstacle. I have already
computed the world position of closest points with respect to the obstacle for each body
of the multibody (updated in real-time).
Now, I would like to get the jacobian for each of those points, this is how I think I should do:
- Substract the world vector of the CoM with the world vector of the point
- Transform this vector into the local frame (because localPosition should be in local coordinates)

How can I transform this vector ? Also, how to manage my fixed base when I should send
the list of joint positions ? Because actually, my first jacobian is full of 0.

Thank you very much,


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