Pybullet Quickstart Guide and other resources

Official Python bindings with a focus on reinforcement learning and robotics.
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Pybullet Quickstart Guide and other resources

Post by Erwin Coumans »

You can find the PyBullet Quickstart Guide at with an introduction and documentation about the PyBullet API.

Installation of PyBullet should be as easy as

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pip install pybullet
Various reinforcement learning environments are implemented in PyBullet, using the OpenAI Gym interface.
We have various Gym environments that run in simulation and on real robots.
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Re: Pybullet Quickstart Guide and other resources

Post by buddha_314 »

The current quickstart misses some key ideas I'd like to see covered. It would be useful to have a PyBullet version of

1. Two object placed in the scene. Say R2D2 and a duck.
2. R2D2 "sees" the duck using `rayTest` or a more appropriate method
3. R2D2 moves towards the duck and collides
4. Simulation ends

At the moment, I'm searching for a good example of moving objects. I'm not sure how to use `applyExternalForce` in PyBullet, so the use case above would be appreciated.
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Re: Pybullet Quickstart Guide and other resources

Post by graygary »

What directory do you run the program from? Can it be done from the command line? (Total newbie at everything here, if possible give step by step instructions. pip install pybullet doesn't seem to work)
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