Bullet 2.82 released: Featherstone and direct MLCP solvers

Open source Bullet Physics SDK release information
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Bullet 2.82 released: Featherstone and direct MLCP solvers

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The new Bullet 2.82 SDK is available for download: https://code.google.com/p/bullet/downloads/list, svn revision 2704

Some of the features include:
  • Featherstone Articulated btMultiBody, with two-way interaction with regular btRigidBody. See Bullet/Demos/FeatherstoneMultiBodyDemo. Thanks to Stephen Thompson for the initial Featherstone implementation, and Martin Felis and Jakub Stepien for the discussion and information.
  • New MLCP constraint solver interface for higher quality direct solvers. Dantzig (by Russel Smith OpenDE), PATH and Projected Gauss Seidel Mixed Linear Complementarity solvers, with fallback to the original Bullet sequential impulse solver. In a nutshell, direct MLCP solvers are useful when higher quality simulation is needed, for example in robotics. The performance is less than the PGS/SI solver, but it usually convergence faster to a good solution. See src/BulletDynamics/MLCPSolvers and Bullet/Demos/ForkLiftDemo for an example.
  • New btFixedConstraint as alternative to a btGeneric6DofConstraint with all DOFs locked. See Demos/VoronoiFractureDemo
  • Various bug fixes, related to force feedback and friction. Improved performance between btCompoundShape
    using the new btCompoundCompoundCollisionAlgorithm. See the commit log at https://code.google.com/p/bullet/source/list
Focus is now on merging all functionality of Bullet 2.x into Bullet 3.x. You can follow progress at https://github.com/erwincoumans/bullet3 or read the SIGGRAPH course notes about the GPU rigid body simulation at http://www.multithreadingandvfx.org/course_notes

Thanks everyone for the contributions and feedback!

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Re: Bullet 2.82 released: Featherstone and direct MLCP solve

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Thank you for your amazing work!
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