Bullet 2.76 is released! New .bullet binary file format

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Bullet 2.76 is released! New .bullet binary file format

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You can download the Bullet 2.76 from the usual place at http://code.google.com/p/bullet/downloads/list (based on svn revision 2046)

The main new feature is the new .bullet binary physics file format.

The .bullet serialization has been build directly in the SDK, so there is no need to link against additional libraries to save binary physics files. Authoring tools such as Maya and Blender already have .bullet support now (through the Maya Dynamica plugin and a special Blender 2.49b build). We will work on expanding tools support for this new file format. See the wiki page for further details.
  • New .bullet Bullet physics file format support, see also http://bulletphysics.org/mediawiki-1.5. ... ialization. See Bullet/Demos/SerializeDemo (or press = key in any of the demos to create a testFile.bullet)
  • Improved Maya Dynamica plugin with improved constraint authoring and .bullet file export, see Downloads for precompiled plugins or http://dynamica.googlecode.com for source code
  • New btCollisionWorld::contactTest and btCollisionWorld::contactPairTest query for immediate collision queries with a contact point callback. See Bullet/Demos/CollisionInterfaceDemo
  • New btInternalEdgeUtility to avoid unwanted collisions against internal triangle edges. See Bullet/Demos/InternalEdgeDemo
  • Improved MiniCL support in preparation for Bullet 3.x OpenCL support, see Bullet/Demos/MiniCL_VectorAdd
  • Improved CMake build system support, making Jam and other buildsystems obsolete. See also http://bulletphysics.org/mediawiki-1.5. ... om_scratch
  • We are also working on a Bullet physics editor/debugger for Windows and Mac. See early preview (can load .bullet files) at http://bullet-physics-editor.googlecode.com
Note: if you were an early adaptor of Bullet 2.76 please make sure to get the updated revision 2049 for some serialization bug fixes and improvements.

Many more bug fixes and minor features, see all fixed issues here.

Feedback is welcome,
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