Bullet 2.66 released: improved Convex Sweep & Ray Cast

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Bullet 2.66 released: improved Convex Sweep & Ray Cast

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Bullet 2.66 is released. Below is the change log. Some promised features like a character controller and collision filtering demo didn't make it, so it will go in the next release.


2007 Dec 16
- Added btRigidBodyConstructionInfo, to make it easier to set individual setting (and leave other untouched) during rigid body construction.
Thanks Vangelis Kokkevis for pointing this out.
- Fixed memoryleak in the ConstraintDemo and Raytracer demo.
- Fixed issue with clearing forces/gravity at the end of the stepSimulation, instead of during internalSingleStepSimulation.
Thanks chunky for pointing this out: http://www.bulletphysics.com/Bullet/php ... f=9&t=1780
- Disabled additional damping in rigid body by default, but enable it in most demos. Set btRigidBodyConstructionInfo m_additionalDamping to true to enable this.
- Removed obsolete QUICKPROF BEGIN/END_PROFILE, and enabled BT_PROFILE. Profiling is enabled by default (see Bullet/Demos/OpenGL/DemoApplication.cpp how to use this).
User can switch off profiling by enabling define BT_NO_PROFILE in Bullet/src/btQuickprof.h.

2007 Dec 14
- Added Hello World and BulletMultiThreaded demos
- Add portable version of BulletMultiThreaded, through SequentialThreadSupport (non-parallel but sharing the same code-path)
- Add Cmake support for AllBulletDemos

2007 Dec 11
- Moved the 'btRigidBody::clearForce' to the end of the stepSimulation, instead of in each substep.
See discussion http://www.bulletphysics.com/Bullet/php ... f=9&t=1601
- Added btConvexPlaneCollisionAlgorithm, makes planes perform better, and prevents tunneling
Thanks Andy O'Neil for reporting the performance/functionality issue
- Fixes for IBM Cell SDK 3.0
Thanks to Jochen Roth for the patch.

2007 Dec 10
- Fixes in btHeightfieldTerrainShape
Thanks to Jay Lee for the patch.

2007 Dec 9
- Only update aabb of active objects
Thanks Peter Tchernev for reporting (http://bulletphysics.com/Bullet/phpBB3/ ... f=9&t=1764 )
- Added workaround to compile libxml under Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2
- Make glui compile under MSVC 9.0 beta (vsnprintf is already defined)

2007 Dec 6
- Added DynamicControlDemo, showing dynamic control through constraint motors
Thanks to Eddy Boxerman
- Add support for generic concave shapes for convex cast.
- Added convex cast query to collision world.
- Added workaround for OpenGL bug in Mac OS X 10.5.0 (Leopard)
- Added concave raycast demo
All above thanks to John McCutchan (JMC)
- Fixed issues that prevent Linux version to compile.
Thanks to Enrico for reporting and patch, see
- Fixed misleading name 'numTriangleIndices' into 'numTriangles'
Thanks Sean Tasker for reporting:

2007 Nov 28:
- Added raycast against trianglemesh. Will be extended to object cast soon.
Thanks John McCutchan (JMC)
- make getNumPoints const correct, add const getPoints().
Thanks Dirk Gregorius
- Bugfix: allow btCollisionObjects (non-btRigidBody) to interact properly with btRigidBody for cache-friendly btSequentialImpulseConstraintSolver.
Thanks Andy O'Neil for pointing this out.
- Bugfix: don't fail if spheres have identical center, use arbitrary separating normal (1,0,0)
Thanks Sean Tasker for reporting! http://www.bulletphysics.com/Bullet/php ... f=9&t=1681

2007, November 20
- Added hierarchical profiling
- Fixed memory leak in btMultiSapBroadphase,
- Fixed hash function (typo, should use 2 proxies)
Thanks to Stephen (shatcher) for reporting and fixes! http://www.bulletphysics.com/Bullet/php ... f=9&t=1696

2007 Nov 11
- Fixed parallel solver (BulletMultiThreaded) friction issue
- Terminate Win32 Threads when closing the CcdPhysicsDemo (when USE_PARALLEL_SOLVER/USE_PARALLEL_DISPATCHER is defined)
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