Bullet 2.57 SDK: new stack/pool memory allocations

Open source Bullet Physics SDK release information
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Bullet 2.57 SDK: new stack/pool memory allocations

Post by Erwin Coumans »

Bullet 2.57 Physics SDK released:

- Replaced several dynamic allocations by pool/stack allocations. Minor API change, see demos (btDefaultCollisionConfiguration). Pool/stack memory allocation is work in progress, and default settings/sizes will be based on user feedback.
- fix in math lib for btMatrix3x3::transposeTimes, thanks Jay Lee
- added branch-free quantized aabb overlap check, this improves performance for trimeshes on XBox 360 and Playstation 3. Thanks Phil Knight
- register sphere-sphere, sphere-box, sphere triangle by default
- faster traversal for BVH/triangle meshes by default

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Re: Bullet 2.57 SDK: new stack/pool memory allocations

Post by Proctoid »

thanks for the new update.

i had a problem with the compound collision destructor:
in btCompoundCollisionAlgorithm::~btCompoundCollisionAlgorithm
m_dispatcher was undefined (0xcdcdcdcd)

so for now i have modified the constructor:
to do
m_dispatcher = ci.m_dispatcher1;
its likely not the correct thing (even though ive got the code its above my head:-)
and maybe i'm not doing something correct prior to constructor)
- but at least it has a valid pointer now and appears to function ok and does not go wrong on exit
so far
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